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YIPK Yokosuka International School, Preschool & Kindergarten
Keitoku Social Welfare Corporation
Through YIPK, we learn and play with the WORLD

We are proud that we are different.

We have different cultures,

languages and skin colors.

We also share time , feeling for nature,

value life and heart.

We play and learn together though

the exposure of learning

English and Japanese.

We will make your dreams

come true.

Welcome to the YIPK.

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YIPK   Enrolling

I will answer the question

Is English to primary language used at YIPK?

Basically, English is mainly used while inside school, however, during emergencies etc. it is not necessary. At YIPK, we value Japanese culture as well as English-speaking cultures, so we also have Japanese Time to learn about Japanese events and nursery rhymes.

As a parent, my English is not good, is that okay?

At YIPK, please be assured that we have many bilingual staff who can speak multiple languages in addition to American Staff and Japanese Staff.

What is the ratio between Japanese and foreign nationalities?

Currently, Japanese students count as 30-40 %, foreign nationalities count as 60-70%.

When does the school year start?

Our school starts the same time as other Japanese schools; School year starts in April and is a Trimester system.

May I enroll my child even if it’s not the beginning of the school year?

Of course! Start dates may be discussed on your scheduled tour date.

Does your school have a school bus?

Currently, we have buses that run to Yokosuka City Area, Zushi, Hayama Area, Hemi, Kanazawa Bunko and Nokendai Areas. If you are interested in using our bus, please contact us to learn more.

Do the children get to go outside to play?

On days with good weather, we always try to take the children outside to a near park to play. Sometime, we go to a farther away park or walk around the neighborhood. On special occasions, we have mini field trips to local gardens!

Is lunch provided or do I need to send my child to school with a lunch?

We kindly ask that you provide your child with a lunch every day. Starting from the Mercury class, 2 days a week we offer a school lunch upon order request (Only those who apply for the school lunch will be required to pay for the fee)

Are there any uniforms?

Starting from the Mercury class (3 years of age), the children will wear a blazer-type uniform, cap, smocks, etc. For the younger classes, they will have smocks and gym hats.

I am thinking about enrolling, what should I do?

Please request a tour date with our office.  Once the admission schedule is decided, you and your child will be given a tour and an interview then we will proceed with the paperwork. For starters, please make a reservation for a tour.

Click here for inquiries such as tours
Age class
Click here for inquiries such as tours

Entrance Ceremony
Family Field Trip
Independence Day
Pool Play

Summer Fun
Sports Day
Respect for the Aged Day:

Posting a letter to grandparents

Mikan Picking
Thanksgiving Day
Holiday Performance Day
Kakizome / Setsubun
Art Exhibition
Graduation Field Trip
Graduation Ceremony


Dear families and visiting friends.

Welcome and thank you for visiting Yokosuka International School, Preschool and Kindergarten – A place where both English and Japanese learning are intertwined and embraced in a comfortable and inviting environment.

The hope is that our new and improved website will provide you with the updated information, that you seek, about our wide array of innovative programs and activities.

Here at YIPK, the aim is to build a successful partnership and create lasting memories with parents and the students that we teach. High expectations are also set for both the staff and the students, in an effort to mold their tender minds plus develop their quests for educational pursuits.


The staff will endeavor to work as a team to embrace a welcoming, stimulating and a solid cultural background for students of all nationalities. The idea is to create warmth of heart and oneness of spirit. Hence, fostering an environment that we all can be proud of!

Students will also be encouraged to build their self-esteem and self-confidence, in an effort to prepare them to enter the wider world in a very bold manner.


Apart from enjoying field trips, daily outdoor play time at the park, taking nature walks, showing off artwork during art exhibition week, etc., the students exercise their creative and curious minds by completing activities that are outlined in YIPK`S Enrichment World – The Curriculum. The curriculum covers Language Arts/Literacy, Math, Science, Japanese Expectations and Life Skills. The Japanese Nursery's Guide line(Hoikuzyo hoiku shishin)and Kindergarten teaching procedures(Youchien kyouiku shidou youryou )is also taught in English and Japanese.

The Japanese Nursery's Guide line(Hoikuzyo hoiku shishin)and Kindergarten teaching procedures(Youchien kyouiku shidou youryou )is also taught in English and Japanese.

With the introduction of these core subjects, the teachers and students work as a team to ensure that minds are blossomed into beautiful expressions of learning.


In closing, YIPK stands by Keitoku Social Welfare Corporation`s moto: Serve with empathy, teamwork, independence, good manners and humor.

This noble institution will continually strive to be a beacon of light in the community – A place where all prospects will be welcomed and all dreams realized.

With Warmth and Love

Nicola Smith


Click here for inquiries such as tours

By Train 19 Minute walk from Keikyu Hemi Station and 27 Minute walk from JR Yokosuka Station
By Bus Take the Number 10 Bus bound for Kinugasa Sation from either JR Yokosuka Station or Keikyu Shioiri Station, get off at bus stop 「Ikegami-Jyu-jiro」from there is will be about a 10 minute walk.
From JR Kinugasa, take the number 10 bus bound for Shioiri Station/Yokosuka Station and get off at bus stop 「Ikegami-Jyu-jiro」, from there it will be about a 10 minute walk
By Car About 2km (4 Min) via Yokosuka Highway「Yokosuka I.C.」

〒238-0045 Yokosuka City, Higashi Hemi-cho 4-16-70


Keitoku Social Welfare Corporation
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